Across Australia, there’s increasing demand for workers in the warehousing and logistics sector, and a shortage of workers with the required skills and qualifications to do the job. This means there is a great opportunity for finding roles in the sector. The warehouse is a critical point in supply chain management. Warehousing is the storage of goods before they are distributed, utilised by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers. Logistics is the management of that supply chain and everything that goes into controlling the movement of goods to a destination.

Warehouse and Logistics is a growing industry

The warehousing and logistics industry is a $5.3 billion industry in Australia, with predicted growth in the coming years. Consumer demand and online shopping will be driving the growth of this industry, with online retailers not relying on physical stores to sell their products, warehouses are needed to store the goods until a sale has been made.

The warehousing and logistics industry need a better-skilled workforce, one that is able to work smarter and more efficiently to cope with growing demands. It’s challenging, but a fulfilling career, a career in this industry will likely offer varied work opportunities, the stability of secure employment, good pay, opportunities to advance in your career!

Warehousing and Logistics: your role and responsibilities

As a warehouse assistant, you will have a number of responsibilities. This could include organising and maintaining products in the warehouse, packing and stocking. You may be involved with keeping inventory records organised, monitored, managed, or be required to manage products, ensuring they are unloaded, loaded and shipped to their destination. Other tasks could include driving vans or trucks on or off-site and loading warehouse materials. There may be a number of necessary tools used in a warehouse that you will need to be able to handle and operate, such as a forklift.

Would you enjoy a role in Warehousing and Logistics?

You might particularly enjoy a career in this industry if you display some of these skills and attributes;

1] Organisational skills. You’ll love a job in warehousing and logistics if you like being organised. Much of your job will consist of organising and maintaining the inventory of your company. You could be responsible for sourcing goods and equipment without allowing costs to blow out. Warehouses operate to a certain standard and supplies and equipment will need to be organised and secure, adhering to industry standards and recommending improvements where needed.

2] Team-playing mentality and great communication skills. You may need to be able to work autonomously, depending on your role – as well as to be a strong team player. You could be responsible for supervising staff if you’re in a managerial position and may also need to select your staff, train them, assign and schedule their work, review and discipline them. If you’re working with others, a good disposition is always admired. You’ll need that positive attitude when dealing with anyone from clients, to colleagues, to senior and upper management.

3] Time management skills. Each day, certain expectations need to be met. Products need to be loaded and unloaded, documentation needs to be filed, maintenance of all equipment needs to be assured all while adhering to policies and procedures. You’ll need to be able to think on your feet, make good decisions fast and prepare for the unexpected. Exceptional time management skills are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly each day.

Enjoy the stability of a career in warehousing and logistics

The great thing about this industry is the career stability in warehousing and logistics. The function is crucial to keeping the supply and demand chain running smoothly. When you embark on a career in this industry you are joining an industry with good job prospects.

Discover many opportunities to advance in your career

There may also be opportunities within your industry for career advancement. You might begin on the floor of the warehouse and soon end up in a role that requires a high level of responsibility as a supervisor. Additionally, in this industry, they usually promote from within, hand-picking lower level employees and training them into higher positions such as more technical, administrative or managerial roles. This gives you the incentive to work hard and show your dedication to prove yourself for a promotion.

Secure work/life balance with the flexibility of a role in warehousing and logistics

With much of the work taking place outside traditional office hours, there is often opportunities to arrange work around your schedule. Having options for what hours you work can really help you to manage family commitments and create a work/life balance.

Study warehousing and logistics today!

If you’re interested in an exciting career in this industry, studying a Certificate in Warehousing and Logistics is the next step. A course in Warehousing Operations will teach you the functions, routines and procedures of jobs in warehousing and storage within the warehousing and logistics industry.  To discover more contact us here and we will call you back.